Sometimes I feel like people who write blogs are super egomaniacs.  Why do they think that anyone wants to read any shit that they write?  Do they think that we all care so much about what their day to day life is like?  Really, though, I love to read blogs, especially fun kind of ones from people that I know and don’t know.  I like to read about peoples’ kids and pets and what they care about and how they interpret things in the news or remodel their houses or feel about their mothers-in-law.  I like to read that stuff.  I don’t really know why I like it.  Maybe because I think a lot of people have good and interesting things to say.  Maybe because so many of the feelings that I’ve read about and the experiences that people share through their blogs are universal.

I named the blog Inviting Joy because I believe very strongly in asking for the reality that you want.  So much of our energy is devoted to thinking about what we want or don’t want that I think it’s SUPER IMPORTANT to use the power of our thoughts and prayers for good.  Channel that energy into manifesting something awesome and there it is.  Sometimes, though, it’s equally as easy to focus on the bad stuff.  This blog is also, then, an exercise for me in inviting the joy.  I probably am going to acknowledge the negative, but I will do my best to make it clear how much I prefer fun and goodness.

So there you have it.

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