Perfect Morning

This morning, Hubs and I made ourselves wake up earlier than usual to get an early start on the day. He woke up at 6 and I woke up at 6:30, which, while not early for many in the grown-up world, is extremely early for us.  I walked the pup and came back to find him drinking coffee and working on a grant application.  I grabbed my current library book (The Lacuna) and fixed some cereal to eat for breakfast.  I sat down diagonal from him at our dining table (we almost never use it) and soon I had a cat on the placemat across from me, one on my lap, and a doggie on the floor to my left.  The combination of the animals and Hubs and me all sitting there quietly, being together, had me feeling peace and calm that I don’t often feel.  I liked it.  It was awesome!

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