Goals for the New Year, divided by category

How cliché am I?

Science:  Get enough done on my main eye development story that I can [at least] start writing the paper.  I know how science works, so I’m not kidding myself, but it would be amazing to FINISH and SUBMIT the paper this year.

Teaching:  Mentor my students better; help them see the big picture.  Begin the Future Faculty program this fall.

Fitness:  Add the Monday evening yoga class to my schedule.  This is a toughie because it requires that I take the bus there and back.  I am kind of scared of the bus, but I think it’s good for me.*  Lead team runs twice a week (Wednesday and Friday mornings).

Money:  Do better on our cash budget.  We started a cash only budget in November or thereabouts and I still like the instant gratification of putting things on the credit card (whose number I have memorized, so sometimes it’s hard not to buy things that I want RIGHT NOW).  And by sometimes I mean that I REALLY struggle with this.  I think that the cash only budget has really helped us identify and curb our spending in terms of going out to eat and entertainment type events; however, I still click the amazon buy button a little bit too much.  Plus, I am so totally tempted by Groupons all the time.  Today it was an ice cream Groupon and I convinced myself that I shouldn’t buy it because there are things that I want more, like an awesome cat water fountain because the plastic one we have grows things so that I have to clean it A LOT.  Plus, the cord broke off the pump for it before Hubs and I left for holiday travels, and Zeda doesn’t really like to drink water unless it’s moving.  The point is that in spite of my fit of Groupon abstinence this morning, with my proclivity for impulse spending and the holidays, the cash only budget is in relative shambles.  I realized today that if I want to achieve my creativity goals for this year, I am going to have to build a bit of extra crafting money and saving for crafting tools money into the budget, which means that extras like another set of earbuds so that I have a pair that matches my new tiny Christmas iPod isn’t really a good use of funds.

Creativity:  As for blogging, I’m on the one a week track right now.  Other artistic and craft projects I want to cover in a whole ‘nother post because I have a lot of things that I want to get out there in terms of my plans and dreams, but I want to be giving homemade gifts for friends’ birthdays and babies and other occasions by the end of the year.  Today, I was reminded of another creative opportunity by a sweet friend and I think that I’d like to get the ball rolling on that, too.  It’s a creative way of connecting with other women so that we can all inspire each other to be our best selves.

Love:  Hubs and I have things to work on about which I’m not going to go into detail here.  Marriage is work and loving, fun, passionate marriage is HARD work.  Love my pets better by playing with the kitties more, walking the dog more, and generally striving for honoring them as wonderful light beings in my life.  Love my friends and family and general people in my life better by taking care of myself and continuing to see my counselor to work on things within myself so that I can be more patient and more loving to everyone.

Seems like it could be a big year.

*I just clicked the Google map link on the Google calendar that is now integrated into the Y’s website and it took me to a pizza place.  This could be a good sign.  Instead of going to yoga, I am going to eat pizza!

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