Why I love the library

I love books!  As someone who is consistently trying to live by buying/desiring less stuff, I REALLY STRUGGLE with buying books for several reasons.  I like to own books in case I need to reference something and I like to lend them out.  I like to be able to put bookmarks in them and leave them in there to come back to later and pick up where I left off.  I like to read certain books over and over again (see this post).  The problem with buying books, though, is that I have bigger eyes for books than I do time to read them.  I read a lot of science and it is time-consuming.  I have time for fun reading, but not as much time as I seem to think I do when I’m in a bookstore.  (There is a perfectly wonderful used bookstore VERY CLOSE to our house).

The perfect solution to my book buying addiction is the library!  FREE BOOKS.  It’s really good for me to have the chance to try books before I buy them.  I love that I can request that things (even TV series and popular movies!) be sent to our very close neighborhood library and then I can go pick them up and I don’t have to hunt all over for them.  I just discovered this week that, if our library doesn’t have a book, I can request that it be purchased.  I requested that two books be purchased this week:  The Girl Who Was on Fire, a collection of essays about The Hunger Games trilogy (originally recommended by my friend Sarah), and Radical Homemakers, which was also brought to my attention by my friend Sarah and that I originally read about here.  My favorite part about sending both these requests is that I got emails back that said:  Thank you for informing us about this most excellent title.  We will be ordering copies of this book for inclusion in our collection.

I love that they called it “this most excellent title,” will be ordering it, and thanked me.  No, Library, THANK YOU!

P.S.  If you read my post from Wednesday and are wondering where it went, I took it off the blog based upon the negativity I felt it conveyed.  In the context of this blog, I really do try hard to invite the joy and upon reflection, do not feel the post had a place here.  If you wish to read the comment on which the post was based, you can find it in the context of this discussion.  I believe and care about everything I wrote, but I think putting it out into the interwebs once was enough.

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