Yesterday, a friend and I went to the crafts fair together.  I love to look at crafts, admire the talent and brilliance of the artisans, feel inspired.  Amazingly (at least it felt amazing to me; it probably makes sense to rational people), there was also a booth representing the art school that I looked into attending during one of my quitting grad school phases.  I had just finished telling my friend about how I decided that what I really needed wasn’t to do art full time, but to feel balanced (as I’ve already covered here), and then we went down the next row of booths and there it was!

I exclaimed to my friend, “Here they are!”  The woman behind the table smiled and said, “Yes, here we are.”  I introduced myself and explained that I had, at one time, been interested in the Certificate they offer in Fibers, but upon exploring more of the logistics of completing the program, it didn’t really seem like a good fit for me timingwise, but the program seemed wonderful and one of a kind.  It turns out that she was the FIBERS PROFESSOR (which seems just a little bit too coincidental) and that she understood that it was a significant commitment, but wouldn’t I maybe just like to come take a few classes?  “You know,” she said, “it’s not really necessary to be enrolled full time to enjoy what you’d learn.  Maybe you’d find that it’s something you could do on your own on the side, or learn that you’d really like to pursue it more.”

So I left the booth feeling energized about the possibilities for the future and excited about the options I have really close to home.  The best part, however, is that she didn’t expect me to throw myself into creating art full time and didn’t imply that to enjoy it or be successful I needed to be dedicated to it above all else.  I think that once I’m more removed from the World of Very Significant and Important Biology Research that Could Change the World, it won’t be so surprising to meet people who don’t expect me to make their life’s work my life’s work.  Yesterday though, I was pleasantly refreshed by this lovely artist who welcomed me and valued me in spite of the obvious differences in our life path choices.

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