Highlight Reel

With the NBA Finals coming up and us only owning one television, we have been watching a lot of Sportscenter.  (Not that this is unusual.  We mostly just watch sports, especially during the NFL season, March Madness, and NBA Playoffs, which is about 8-9 months a year.  If anyone knows how to do cable à la carte and just order the sports channels, that’s what we need).

This morning, I remarked to Hubs that the highlights they show on ESPN make the basketball players look totally awesome.  I went on further to say that it would be really great if every time I effed something up, I could watch a highlight reel of myself doing amazing things.  Making an awesome discovery in lab, figuring out the answer to a tough emotional question, fixing a toilet, looking really fantastic, or doing something baller on the Ultimate field.  Maybe I can work on playing my own highlight reel in my mind every time I want to beat myself up about something.

What would be on your highlight reel?

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