Party Time

I co-hosted a combo wedding shower/bachelorette party for a friend this weekend and I was in charge of my two favorite things:  drinks and decorations.  I’ll save the sangria and margarita recipes for another post because I am super-excited about the crafting I did for the decorations!  We had the party in the clubhouse of the condo complex where the bride and her roommate (another co-host) live and I hadn’t seen the space before.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much light there was and how it was already decorated (fairly simply, but with some cool touches like bamboo trays, brightly upholstered chairs and a vaulted wooden ceiling).  The final product:

You can see the bamboo trays in the center, a corner of the cute chair in the bottom right, and the wooden ceiling across the top.

For inspiration, I scoured the internet and found so many good ideas.  I ended up doing some bunting, a garland, very simple flower arrangements, and tissue paper poms.  I worked on all of this off and on from last Saturday, which was perfect because Hubs was at a meeting all this past week so it was a bit lonely at the homestead.  I always forget how much I love doing creative things until I do them, and it makes my work life easier if I go home and use a different part of my brain.  Here are the specifics:


I got the idea for the bunting here (another ‘roo!) and modified it somewhat.  I bought scrapbook paper at Joann’s on major sale and also bought ribbon to use as the connector.  I only bought one spool of ribbon and so I had something like 12 yards for 30 flags, which dictated the size of the flags (they were 7.5 inches across the top and I used the whole length of the 12×12 scrapbook page so they were something like 13.5 inches diagonally).  I was able to cut two flags for each page of scrapbook paper (using a cutting mat and my rotary cutter) and used 15 different prints for the 30 flags.  I printed the letter templates on regular computer paper, used an exacto knife to cut them out from coordinating solid paper, and glued them to the flags with DAP One Stik adhesive.  I was going to glue each flag onto ribbon, but ended up machine sewing them together because it was waaaaay easier, meaning that I could have made them whatever sizes I wanted.

If you click, you'll be able to see the two different color threads.

Inspiration for the garland came from here, but I also owe at least as much to this, for the idea of sewing (not gluing) the garland with different colored thread in your bobbin and main thread which does the totes adorable twisty thing in between the dots.  For this, I bought a circle cutter (a Fiskars one) at steep Joann’s discount and I REALLY LIKE IT.  Then, while watching Downton Abbey, I cut out about 300 circles from the leftovers from my bunting and from some coordinating solid paper I had and sewed them together.

The flowers were from Trader Joe’s (cheap and sustainably grown)!  I arranged them in red plastic solo cups, since I clutter-cleared a bunch of vases a couple of months ago, but the slight tackiness ended up being perfect because we were playing beer pong at this shindig.  Inspiration for these goes to my mother-in-law, who never misses a chance to decorate with fresh flowers and always does a beautiful job.

The tissue paper poms are all over the interwebs, most notably here, but I think first saw them in this Etsy blog post.  My mom also pointed out that we made a version of these in elementary school using pipe cleaners around the middles.  Instead of using wire or pipe cleaners, I stapled the middles of mine, and I hung them using sewing thread because we didn’t have any fishing line.  I got a big packet of 100% recycled tissue paper here and I can probably make about a bazillion more poms with all that I have left.  Here’s a photo of all the poms, not exactly in focus, but you can see how cute all the colors looked together:

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