It’s a baby shower!

I co-threw two baby showers recently and therefore got to do the best parts of both (invites, some decorations/games and a bit of food).  I threw the first shower with my mother-in-law, who, as I’ve mentioned before, is the queen of using flowers as decor.  She is also the queen of having china (dishes) for any and every occasion.  Behold the magnificently decorated table, which was entirely her doing.  If you click to embiggen and look closely in the bottom right, you’ll be able to spot the famous china (one of maybe six! patterns she owns).

It was a really awesome party with all the momma-to-be’s girlfriends and I felt so honored to be able to be a part of it!  My first main contribution was the invites:

They didn’t turn out a bit how I imagined them, but I had a blast making them and sure did love them in the end .

My second main contribution was a sewing project.  The momma-to-be’s mother found an old baby carriage at a yard sale and bought it because she is an amazing woman with an eye for really cool pieces.  My MIL borrowed it to put the presents in at the shower and had this fantastic Beatrix Potter-ish fabric that she’d just picked up somewhere, so since I absconded with her sewing machine approximately 3 years ago, I got the job of sewing a new cover, cushion and pillow for it.

And my final contribution was baby bingo, which we played during the present opening.  I made bingo cards using the bingo card generator from this UNC-W site.  It was super fun because each space on the bingo card had a descriptor for a present.  Each time a present was opened, we got to mark one of our squares.  If the gift was a blue, 0-3 month onesie with a bear on it, we marked “something blue” or “something for 0-3 months” or “something with an animal on it” and we had prizes for the person who had the most bingos at the end of present opening.  I highly recommend it as a diversion during present opening time, which can be a bit boring for the people not opening presents.

Stay tuned for the other baby shower!

2 thoughts on “It’s a baby shower!

  1. Baby Bouncer says:

    You did an amazing job for your girlfriends’ baby shower. I love how you creatively worked on the invitations. It’s cute!

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