It’s a [second] baby shower!

Up next was a tropical[ish] baby shower solely because the parents-to-be have chosen to call their named-but-it’s-a-secret son “Mango,” which I’m fairly certain is the cutest pre-birth baby name ever.  I, of course, made some bunting:

The bunting sort of reads backwards because I used the same “welcome baby” part at the other shower.  Good task consolidation me!  You also may have noticed the pom in the top left corner of the photo above.  We had lots of poms:


Baby bingo was attempted  for this (co-ed) crowd, and for whatever reason, it was a total flop (it may have been Hubs talking non quietly about how he was mad that he didn’t win the artisan chocolate bars we had as prizes).  Luckily, one of my co-hosts was my brilliant friend, Uptown Girl, and she knows all about fun activities to do at baby showers, so we did onesie decorating, which was a roaring success.

Easy and tidy with permanent markers rather than fabric paint!

The final photo I want to show are pinwheels made by another sweet friend.  She learned how to make these pinwheels to decorate her own wedding, and taught it to me so I could help at a craft night where five of us made hundreds of them.  She wanted to pay it forward, so she, Uptown Girl and I had an awesome crafting night before the shower.  The pinwheels are perfectly whimsical and fun for a baby shower and made a great outside decoration to let guests know they were at the right house.

I love crafting and I love parties, but the best part of these baby showers was that my roll is significantly slowed in terms of the burning desire to procreate.  Thanks to my baby-having friends for letting me live vicariously through you!

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