School lunch brag

In Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Regena Thomashauer instructs us to brag because

Bragging about the goodness in your life, especially your pleasurable accomplishments, unearths your desires and fans the flames of desire in other women.

So my brag is how FREAKING AWESOME our lunches were this week.  Chicken fried steak, spinach enchiladas with cilantro cream sauce, beef stroganoff, and pizza, all homemade from whole (and in most cases local) ingredients!  (Full disclosure:  the beef stroganoff was more like stew with noodles because I tried subbing a homemade/bpa-free version of Campbell’s Golden Mushroom soup that wasn’t condensed enough, but it was still good).  Hubs and I have never eaten so well, and I am so proud of us, both because we’re eating whole foods and because of what it has meant for our budget.  (We ate out a lot on the weekends before because it felt like so much work to me to cook.  Saturday nights now mean amazing homecooking from local ingredients and I love how we have both embraced it).  Wooooiiieeeeeeee!

2 thoughts on “School lunch brag

  1. Yes! I love when we cook homemade meals–it makes me feel so accomplished, like I’m doing something good for myself, my family, my budget, and the world, because I AM. One of my goals has been to start meal planning and consolidating grocery trips. I think I’ve been spending a lot more at the store (embarrassingly I’ve been afraid to look) because I shop almost daily. Maybe it will come out the same, but it would likely alleviate stress in my life to plan it out instead of deciding at 4pm each day what to make. The plan is to start when we get back from vacation (and by that I mean one week after we get back).

    And spinach enchiladas with cilantro cream? YUM!

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