Meditation (and other things) Fail

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am here to report that I have failed at meditating during Lent.  I have not even meditated half of the days.  I have also fallen off the wagon in terms of going to bed early and therefore waking up for 6 am yoga.  I tried a new yoga studio that i didn’t love, which, in combination with weekend plans, put me off my yoga rhythm.  The lack of consistent exercise and sleep schedule made it hard to fall asleep even when I would get in bed at a reasonable hour.  So yesterday, when I was talking on the phone to my mom, I just cried, “I’m tired, I haven’t been to yoga, I can’t meditate, I can’t even FOLD MY CLOTHES.”  (My clean laundry had at that point been sitting in two laundry baskets and an ikea bag on our bedroom floor for at least a week).

My sweet mom listened to me and after several diagnostic questions, helped me realize that what I need more than anything is a break.  While I think meditation would help, adding 20 minutes of private time for meditating to an already very full day of work (because I am still not in a science slump! maybe I need a parade!) and normal daily stuff like working out and chores, just feels too overwhelming at this point.  I am going to work on some ways to fit meditation into my day better, but for right now I just need to get away from the grind.

Luckily, Hubs and I head out to Colorado on Thursday to see college friends and then back for one day to Nashville and on the road again to Destin with Nashville friends.  I am pretty excited about these trips, but I think I also need to plan better to fit breaks into normal life, so that I don’t get overwhelmed as often.  Anybody have any ideas?