Customer Service

I have been having such an amazing customer service few weeks, I need to share!

1) I bought 2 of the same coat (different sizes) from Modcloth and when they came, they ended up not being right for me.  Even though the packing slip said final sale, I was sure it was a mistake as they were not final sale when I bought them, and sent them back.  I got an email from them that said that I couldn’t return the coats because they were final sale, so I gave them a call.  After I explained to the person on the phone that I had checked really carefully that they were returnable before purchasing, she put me on hold to check.  Turns out they went on final sale two days after I placed my order, but before they were shipped, which means I got my money back!  I will definitely shop at Modcloth again!

2) We have a Logitech slide advancer with a laser pointer (for sciencey things) that has never talked properly to its USB receiver.  Today I called them and went through some troubleshooting over the phone.  Turns out it’s just a hardware failure and they sent another one that just arrived (in perfect working order).  I don’t even have to send back the broken one!

3) I left my wallet in a restaurant on a Wednesday and they had it for me when I called frantic on Friday morning!

4) Patagonia is famous for their amazing customer service and lifelong support of their products, as well as for their green ideas, and I have been wearing Patagonia clothes for at least the past five years now, but I am re-impressed today.  I had a fleece jacket that didn’t wear well from the beginning.  Practically from the time I got it, the fleece started to rub off around the collar and at the arm seams.  I didn’t send it back initially because I felt like I was being silly, but the fleece rubbing off eventually made the jacket not as warm and so it didn’t really work any more.  (My issue may have been a design flaw because they’ve since changed the fabric slightly to fabric that seems like it would wear better).  I sent it to them and explained my issue and they replaced it with a brand new different coat that I got to pick out!  I am so super impressed with their professionalism and them standing behind their products and I will continue to buy Patagonia forever.

What’s your best customer service experience?

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