On coworkers

I’m not sure there’s anything in the world like a coworker. Mine are labmates, which means that I am with them upwards of 50 hours a week. One might argue that this amount of time is TOO MUCH to spend with someone to whom you are not 1) related by blood or marriage or 2) roommates with in college.

The concept of a labmate further requires that we share lab equipment and supplies. If they do something without thinking about anyone but themselves, it can directly affect me. In today’s hypothetical example where my labmate changes the temperature of a water bath that has some of my samples in it, I am beyond reasonably enraged and proceed to silently fume around the lab.

Until I GET A GRIP, at least a small one. Retreat to office, brew some tea (I suggest Tension Tamer), and grab my Relationship Cards out of my backpack.

For some aspects of my life, I have not a single bit of trouble believing that everything unfolds in the perfect way and picking cards today was like that. I drew three cards, the first representing the overall situation, the second the action for me to take, and the third the loop or link to the next level of the journey.

1. Control: we see only what we are ready to see and can only follow rules we understand. So surrender the illusion that you are in control of anyone, including yourself. Let life surprise you!

2. Forgiveness: forgiveness is the most powerful tool you have to lessen your burden and heal your life. Simply be willing. Your willingness creates a space for miracles to occur.

3. Love: focus your heart on your greatest qualities and all that makes you lovable. Your love for yourself is a powerful magnet that attracts more love into your life.

After reading my cards, it was clear to me that, while people who only think about themselves are freaking annoying, we are all those people. Sometimes all I need is a break and a little help to reflect on my part in the situation. Now back to the lab bench, with less adrenaline [for now] and hopefully a little more grace for my coworkers and myself.

3 thoughts on “On coworkers

  1. Delighted to read this! Apparently, it is not only our lab where such accidents happen. Only, you seem to have quite good self-control in getting a grip and calming down 🙂 Guess I’ll have to recommend that Tension Tamer to some of my colleagues one day!

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