No sugar wrap-up

Monday was the last day of my six week sugar fast, and I went a little crazy. That morning we had a work birthday party, and I ate a chocolate chip cookie, a mini cupcake, and a piece of coffee cake. I felt terrible. I didn’t feel hungry for real food ’til about 3 that afternoon, and my digestive system was a mess. Not eating sweets for six weeks has helped me be more mindful of my eating overall, which was the goal, and has changed my response to my cravings for sweets. My body also feels stronger in my yoga practice and less puffy, and I even got a sweet compliment from a yogi whom I hadn’t seen in a while. My sugar abstention also seems to have generated much more sensitivity in my body (or maybe actually in my brain, where I’m MOST sensitive) to large amounts of sugar.

Over the entire six weeks, I ate one doughnut and one blonde brownie. I mindfully chose to eat each of them, and I didn’t feel bad physically or emotionally afterwards. But both of them tasted so so sweet to me that I didn’t want any more sugar for a while, and in the case of the brownie especially, I didn’t even enjoy it that much.

Moving forward, I’m sure that I could work back up to eating the levels of sugar that I was before, but I think a low sugar existence is going to work best for me. I like the idea of enjoying treats sporadically, when they’re really special. Last Thanksgiving I made pumpkin crème brûlée, which was totally incredible, and not too sweet, so I’m looking forward to that again.

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