Looking forward: Simplify

The word I’ve chosen for 2015 is simplify. I want this year to be the one in which I figure out exactly what I need to do, and do nothing else. I want to fill my calendar with fewer commitments and enjoy more spontaneous social and relaxation time. I want to deepen the friendships I have. I want to think carefully about what my work life will look like at the end of my one-year postdoc contract in July. I want to prioritize family. I want to move into a smaller, cheaper place. Inspired by my friend Sarah, I want to take the first part of this year to get rid of all.the.stuff we don’t use, from kitchen to furniture to craft supplies. I want to spend less time mindlessly and more time mindfully.

It’s already begun. I spent an enforced last three days in bed with a nasty cold virus, and it’s a wonder how much of my hectic life I didn’t miss (and didn’t miss me). I’ve also started a Facebook diet where I check it once a day (or less) and deleted the app from my phone. I am being really careful about not committing to too much in the evenings, so that Hubs and I can spend that time together. But I am already feeling the pull to do more, have more, buy more, so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

What is your word for 2015?

2 thoughts on “Looking forward: Simplify

  1. You know I love this intention! The best thing for me with purging belongings has been not to feel like it needs to happen all at once. I’m still simplifying (or re-simplifying) areas every week. Another load to Goodwill this last weekend. Feels. So. Good. Good luck, friend!

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