Pregnancy so far (Week 17)

Weeks 4-5: Excitement mixed with supreme anxiety because I didn’t feel pregnant and therefore worried that I wouldn’t stay pregnant. I foolishly wished to feel something.

Weeks 6-14: I threw up every morning until I started to take Unisom/Vitamin B6, at which point I could function but felt nauseated pretty much all day. I puked every fourth or fifth day even on the meds. I didn’t feel hungry or thirsty and ate mostly very fresh lettuce, pasta, and potatoes.

Weeks 14-17 (present): I’ve felt increasingly less nauseated over the past few weeks and have only throw up twice. I’ve also felt hungry and thirsty again, and I can eat meat now, which was problematic texture-wise earlier on.

Another striking thing about being pregnant is how quickly my body has shifted from feeling like my own to feeling not mine. Being sick contributed to this shift at the beginning. Even more, though, the comments about my body, almost none of them intended maliciously, that everyone seems to feel license to make have surprised me and left me more cognizant of trying to maintain sovereignty of myself. The whole dilemma also has me thinking about why my sense of self feels so tied to my body that it can be this disorienting to hear comments about it.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy so far (Week 17)

  1. Vivienne McNeny says:

    Oh my gosh I so relate to your sense of self being related to your body… I couldn’t wait until I actually looked pregnant instead of just feeling fat! I danced all through my preggie years so wearing leotard and tights helped pronounce my belly more! Lemon juice was a miracle for my nausea! I let my body tell me what to eat too! Funnily enough I craved beer…so non-alcoholic beverages showed up in my fridge periodically…maybe the oats!? Yes, folk take liberties, they would touch my tummy…I mean, who would come up and touch you like that normally? I was told I looked radiant in my later months…it was the baby glow shining through. Praying and sending positive vibes, Plum is a blessed child! Fondness, Vivienne

    • Good suggestion on the lemon juice, Vivienne! Tart tastes have suited me lately, too. And I’ve only experienced one belly touch so far, but I was so taken aback! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for your prayers and positivity ❤

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