What I want to remember: Plum at two months

I love Kelsey’s “What I want to remember” posts, so I’m going to write one, too.

Plum is two months old (really nine weeks old now!), and these are the things I want to remember:

She makes a pirate face when she knows she’s about to breastfeed, with one eye sort of squinting and that same side of her mouth open like she’s saying “ARRRR.” Sometimes she makes the face right before she latches on and sometimes she just makes it when I take her from Hubs or someone else who is holding her.

She makes cooing sounds in her sleep—like little, audible sighs with each exhale. She doesn’t do it all the time, and I think she’s starting to do it less, but I love it.

How much she loves her dad. She lights up when he gets home, and they sit on the couch together and just chat back and forth while I make dinner. Since she’s started smiling, she is all smiles for him, and she definitely makes baby noises back at him as he talks to her.

How sweetly she wakes up in the morning. Again with the smiles.

How wiggly she is during diaper changes, like it feels great to be in open air.

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