What I want to remember: Plum at three months

Plum is three months old tomorrow! This is what I want to remember:

We thought she was chatty before, but OMG this girl loves to talk. She makes new types of sounds every day and is happiest when we are talking to her and pausing for her response.

The smiles are only getting bigger. My favorite type of smile currently is the one she makes while breastfeeding with a nipple still in her mouth. Occasionally milk runs out of the corners of the smile. Sometimes she even mixes in a nipple-ful smile with a coo or two. My heart!

If she fusses while being held, she often wants you to lay her down on a blanket so she can beeb* around. She is starting to move (!) by bending her legs and pressing her feet into the floor to push and frequently ends up rotated from where we leave her in her travel crib.

How loudly she smacks and murmurs as she tries to suck on her thumb/fist. We can hear her with the door shut. She works so hard to get that thumb in her mouth, but sometimes when she does, she gags herself, so we’ll see if it sticks.

She’s little, but she can burp so loudly. Cracks me up every time.

*to beeb: to wiggle around like Plum does; sometimes beebing involves sound and sometimes it doesn’t. From the proper noun Beeb, Plum’s most commonly used nickname.