Plum at five months

Moved into her own room in her big bed (I might have cried as I dismantled the cosleeper.)

Screeches and grunts are her new noises this month—extra expressive! Frequent giggles.

Rolls over onto her side a lot, and has rolled from back to belly twice unassisted. Her arm got stuck underneath her both times, but it’s definitely a sign of things to come. She has also started to really enjoy tummy time; I think because she can look around better in that position.

Tried out the shower with me a few times and liked it.

Tasted her first solid food, avocado, several times and seemed to enjoy the experience, if not the avocado itself.

Grabs for the cats and got a [deserved] warning bite once from Zeda

Likes to grab and pull adult hair, skin, and glasses

Hold her own hands and sometimes even presents them to you when you approach her, as though she wants to show you how amazing they are