Plum at six months

Rolls back to belly and extricates stuck arms with ease. She was less good at rolling belly to back initially, which led to at least one 3:30 am wake up when she found herself on her belly and didn’t know how to flip over. She has done the back belly to back roll several times now.

In addition to avocado, has now tried green beans, carrots, and green peas (all purées). Loves to hold the spoon herself and is actually pretty good at getting it into her mouth and then slurping the food off of it. I’ve taken to a two spoon feeding method, where I load up one spoon, hand it to her and then get the next spoon ready so as to offer her a trade when the first spoon is empty-ish.

Is very expressive with her feet. She regularly wiggles them when you offer a toy she likes or kicks them like a frog and then smiles when people greet her in public (like at our grocery store). She also sometimes does the froggy kick before she falls asleep, and it seems like a self soothing thing.

Puts her hands on adult faces and in adult mouths. I’ve taken to offering her my thumb to hold on to while we nurse so that she will stop grabbing my mouth.

Is mostly wearing 12 month clothes.

Best ways to elicit laughs: check her armpits for ticks (we do this every night at the suggestion of our pediatrician), do a fake laugh with her, brush my hair over her face.

Still holds her own hands, but has also gotten really good at holding and moving toys to her mouth or into view for closer examination

Loves to play peepeye or peek a boo, but can’t quite uncover her own face if she accidentally pulls a blankie over it

Enjoys watching other people, especially babies and kids, and seems to prefer to roll to her tummy in order to get a better view

Is just starting to get distracted while eating and at times does better if we go into her room rather than staying where the action is

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