Plum at eight months

Her tongue is out all. the. time. She likes to stick it out and grin or talk.

Loves to look in mirrors. Sticks her tongue out and grins or squeals when she sees herself in the car mirror. 

New food of note: prunes. We introduced them because this baby loves cheese and eggs, but her digestive system needed some help with these heavier items, and luckily she loves the prunes, too. 

Eats and loves most things, including peanut butter, black beans, and sardines. Does a happy foot clap for most foods. 

Started refusing her third nap some days and lasts pretty well from 2:30 or 3 until bedtime between 6:30 and 7 pm. 

Inexpertly and sometimes a little desperately claps, which seems like a logical extension of her love of holding her own hands. 

Blows raspberries all the time, especially while rolling around in bed and refusing the third nap. She also contributed an impeccably timed raspberry to a conversation about one of the candidates in the upcoming presidential election.

Laughs much more readily.

Leans toward us to be taken out of her car seat. 

Deliberately rolls with even more purpose, including off the changing pad, which she didn’t used to be able to do, and over to the Roomba, which she turned on. 

Has one tooth (lower left front). 

Chatty as ever.

On her back, pushes with her feet to lift her hips into sort of a baby bridge pose. On her tummy, uses her feet as leverage to change directions while rolling.