Plum at 10 months

Goes from horizontal to sitting up on her own! It is shocking and amazing to look down and see my baby sitting up when she wasn’t just a moment before.

Still rolls most places, but now combines rolling with army crawling. I love how much she hurries when she sees something she wants.

Claps all the time, even on command; loves songs that have clapping integrated like “If you’re happy and you know it.” She also does other gestures as part of that song: claps her feet and puts arms up overhead for “hooray.”

Waves, sometimes belatedly, but fairly consistently when asked whether she’d like to say bye-bye

Loves to repeat consonant sounds over and over: ba, ba, ba, na, na, na, da, da, da

Answers most things we say with one emphatic, “Da.”

Sometimes adds a “t” sound on the end of da, like “dat.”

Has two bottom teeth, and doesn’t mind when we brush them

Expert at pincer grasping everything, even slippery foods and tiny pieces of leaves and pet fur, which she then eats

Still eats everything. New this month: chicken noodle soup, turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing.

Often holds a piece of food up high out to one side and looks at it, then brings it to her mouth with a flourish

Laughs delightedly and often. Grins hugely when she sees family members, especially the pets.

Loves to interact with all people (at the fabric store, grocery store, etc.) and especially loves other babies.

I hold my phone as if to take a photo and she turns on the cheese immediately.

Can turn board book pages if I first lift the page up and then ask if she’d like to turn the page.

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