Intention 2017

I was looking back, and I don’t think I wrote anything about my intention word for 2016. It was presence, which turned out to be absolutely perfect for the first year or so of parenting. I did my best to be present with all the changes that having a third human in our family brought to relationships and my concept of myself, and I’m thankful that I had this intention word to reflect on this past year.

For 2017, I’ve chosen the word thrive. I love the idea of continuing to be present with everything I experience, and I think thrive could be the next step in this mindful awareness and enjoyment of my life. I also want to continue to support Plum and Andrew to thrive, as I explore ways to feel and be more wholly myself. I’m still thinking through whether I want to take specific steps or implement particular practices to support the realization of this intention, but I’m sure everything will become more clear as the year unfolds.

P.S. Sarah & I talk all about intentions for the new year in this week’s episode of Friendlier, which came out today!

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