Plum at 12! months

Nearly always all fours crawls, unless she’s holding something, in which case she still chooses commando crawling

Has pulled up independently to a full stand at least twice and a half stand—where her legs are straight but her torso is still parallel to the ground—a whole bunch of times, and usually puts her feet down first when we’re setting her down

Can climb up and down a single short step like the the threshold of our door and the cat scratcher

Loves dancing (seated on the floor and in our arms) and invents new moves daily. The best by far is a head/torso wiggle.

Kind of fakes a laugh when she hears other people laughing both in real life and over Facetime/on podcasts

Mimics the cats’ meowing and sirens with a sort of high pitched “aaaahhh” sound

Mimics the dog’s barking with “hm hm”

Much more interested in crawling after us and the dog and cats than playing with toys

Always up for a book. Looks through them herself a lot each day, and also loves listening to us read. Current favorite: Ten, Nine, Eight

Loves most food, but really, really loved the carrot cake Vati (my dad) made for her birthday. Atta girl.

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