Plum at 15 months

Makes kissing noises, blows raspberries, smacks her lips

Cruises all around and does a tiny bit of standing if she lets go of something

Antagonizes the cats and then makes a frowny face when they paw or bite back

Says so many words. Some of the ones we can understand are: Bubba, Dada, Mama, more, dinner, bottle, dog, cat, water

Loves dancing so much, whether she’s sitting or standing holding onto something

Colors with toddler crayons

Nurses only once per day (in the morning, if at all) and loves to drink cow’s milk out of bottles. We are so close to weaning!

Occasionally tries out a hilarious scowl on us

Eats everything, but favorites include: rice and beans with salsa and cheese, steamed carrots, bananas

Still wants to read books all the time, and often brings them to us and plunks herself down in our laps

Can go down the slide by herself (very carefully turns around and slides down feet first on her belly)

Sings along with music or with me singing

Gives hugs/squeezes to people and kisses the cats

Makes her panda and hippo stuffies dance to music

Crawls so fast and in moments of especially intense crawling, determinedly crawls with her head down (more aerodynamic maybe?)

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