life list

Complete my PhD
Have a baby
See whales in the wild
Grow vegetables and fruits
Have goats for dairy
Have ducks for eggs
Take family backpacking trips
Feel comfortable in my relationship with money
Have a repertoire of at least 10 line dances
Take a watercolor painting class
Live in the same state as family again at some point
Learn to play the mandolin
Visit New Zealand and Australia
Complete a yoga teacher training
See the Duchess of Cambridge in person
Earn an income with my writing Editorial Intern, Fall 2013-Spring 2014
Learn WordPress, HTML, and CSS
Redesign my blog
Make cheese
Ferment hard cider
Go on an exotic yoga retreat
Publish a first-author paper in a peer-reviewed journal
Attend the Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop (May 2013)
Advocate for prisoners’ rights
Learn the Thriller dance by heart and dance it at least once in public
Stay at a vineyard in Tuscany
Throw a huge party (more than 100 people)
Organize and help lead a women’s retreat
Visit Ireland and Scotland
Buy a house with more than 20% down and pay off the mortgage in 10 years or less
Travel abroad with our kids
Write every day for a year
Remain a one (or zero) car family
Visit the Pacific Northwest
Learn to cook ten delicious vegetarian dishes
Register as a therapy team with a cat
Practice French at least once a year (on a trip, in a class, at a conversation group)
Take a surface design workshop
Write clearly and meaningfully about subjects that make me feel vulnerable (God, feminism, grad school, science)
Go to a RIE workshop
Take a dance class with Hubs
Learn Indian cooking
Have professional family photos taken every couple of years
Learn woodworking
Become very savvy with power tools
Build something awesome and heirloom-ish
Go to a blogging conference BlogHer 2013 in Chicago, IL
Live abroad for a summer with our kids
Find three ways to prepare meat simply that I enjoy
Breastfeed our baby
Live in our dream house
Get really good at screen printing
Celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary
Learn to cut Hubs’ hair well
Take one photo a day for an entire year
Learn permaculture techniques and use them for our garden
Grow food year round
Practice yoga daily for at least a year
Take family backpacking trips
Adopt another Great Pyrenees (or a bonded pair of them)
Save a year’s worth of income in an emergency fund
Create beautiful outdoor living space
Spend a week writing in a cabin in the wilderness
Host a pop-up dinner party
Sew at least one item of clothing that I feel proud of wearing
Try acupuncture
Take an Amtrak train to visit someone I love
Save enough money to retire by age 50 (if we want to)
Give only handmade gifts for a year

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