Highlight Reel

With the NBA Finals coming up and us only owning one television, we have been watching a lot of Sportscenter.  (Not that this is unusual.  We mostly just watch sports, especially during the NFL season, March Madness, and NBA Playoffs, which is about 8-9 months a year.  If anyone knows how to do cable à la carte and just order the sports channels, that’s what we need).

This morning, I remarked to Hubs that the highlights they show on ESPN make the basketball players look totally awesome.  I went on further to say that it would be really great if every time I effed something up, I could watch a highlight reel of myself doing amazing things.  Making an awesome discovery in lab, figuring out the answer to a tough emotional question, fixing a toilet, looking really fantastic, or doing something baller on the Ultimate field.  Maybe I can work on playing my own highlight reel in my mind every time I want to beat myself up about something.

What would be on your highlight reel?

The Future

As Hubs and I walked to lab this morning, we ran into an Ultimate friend of his that has a cute, red-headed kiddo. Hubs’ friend is a definite hipster and as we went our separate ways, I remarked that even his kid looks like a hipster kid. Hubs wholeheartedly agreed with me, and then I asked what kind of kids Hubs thought we would have.  Without even missing a beat, he said, “Nerd kids.”

A little bit later on in our walk, we were discussing the hipster kid’s name and whether it’s Biblical or not.  (The name is Gideon).  We were a little bit confused about whether the name actually appears in the Bible or whether it’s just the name of the folks that put the Bibles in hotels (turns out both are true).  The main reference that I could think of, though, was a Harry Potter reference, and as I expounded upon my HP knowledge, Hubs shook his head and said, “You’re taking it to a whole new level.”

Nerd kids, indeed!